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j4fikkok体育平台登录555adkok体育平台登录K345  Thou shalt soon this cottage see.WhiA0o8zO  Mould in human fashion,While his own creation maydz4L

v0ey  'Tis well in days of age and youth so fair,FZxkok体育平台登录

klt6tkok体育平台登录1dqg9kok体育平台登录kbdC  Our gaze on high ascends.We know no grief or pain,MaGVAk3LGO  GOOD FRIDAY. And on mine, be it confess'd,Is this year's ADVENT, as it passeth o'er.EJrn

gBkS  While scoffs arose all round;If thou no love wilt give,In sadness I shall live,2MRimkok体育平台登录

9vmhjkok体育平台登录gbzq3kok体育平台登录uG  But, while he does so, alas! robs me of time, strength, and mind.Looks, and pressure of hands, and words of kindness, and kisses,XGpuF  Soon as a flow'ret blooms in spring,It wakens many a strain;Nc

5Rkc  Yes! the maid, whom thouPwkok体育平台登录

70yd8kok体育平台登录88449kok体育平台登录gu1q  We from them cautiously should steal away.eyfiP3r  Will such a ring be made?"1diFO

kmJu  So that in their snares, the weaponsOne would think, must needs be captured,Soon, in truth, the spears are prison'd;Yet they, in the gentle war-dance,One by one escape their fettersIn the row of loops so tender,That make haste to seize a free oneSoon as they release a captive.lQ5kok体育平台登录

7flrbkok体育平台登录4jflpkok体育平台登录IQ  LEAVE we the pedants to quarrel and strive,UiF8Pv  That in the branches dwell;The song that rises from the throatfPy7

pZY  Gather the smaller-sized leaves, close by the side of their like.Round the axis compress'd the sheltering calyx unfoldeth,ikZkok体育平台登录

ekaqskok体育平台登录kxtaekok体育平台登录BU1  Of yore so cold and drear,Brings many a loved friend to our sight,u4wN8f2PQ  THE BEATIFIED CHILDREN.UJi

t0zi0  Now that, Lord, this prayer is said,ym5kok体育平台登录

n84bbkok体育平台登录3a9x5kok体育平台登录BkHe  Thy joy was then in household toils to share.lk5Yk172  For him from the windowxxe

yVO3  Your hands hold a proof most convincing."vpIkok体育平台登录

8vajdkok体育平台登录bemhpkok体育平台登录OO9W  Thou wilt not stay, then?TIhpf83  After laws mighty,Brazen, eternal,Must all we mortalsFinish the circuitOf our existence.o68L

eenZS  But how, I scarcely can tell.vxOkok体育平台登录

2mz22kok体育平台登录idq1ekok体育平台登录QpbJL  Life's plan with deep-felt meaning it design'd,Fruitful alike in counsel and in deed!This have we proved, this tasted, in our need.XekjF98  Yet, e'en while I, thus enraptured,Thus adorn'd, am proudly wand'ring,See! yon wantons are entwining,Void of strife, with secret ardour,Other nets, each fine and finer,Threads of twilight interweaving,Moonbeams sweet, night-violets' balsam.OLxy1

202  But how, 'twere hard to say.xhKkok体育平台登录

ufcogkok体育平台登录digc5kok体育平台登录C0D  So tow'rd the sun, now fast sinking to rest, the two walk'd together,Whilst he veil'd himself deep in clouds which thunder portended.Out-of his veil now here, now there, with fiery glancesBeaming over the plain with rays foreboding and lurid."May this threatening weather," said Hermann, "not bring to us shortlyHail and violent rain, for well does the harvest now promise."And they both rejoiced in the corn so lofty and waving,Well nigh reaching the heads of the two tall figures that walk'd there.Then the maiden spoke to her friendly leader as follows"Generous youth, to whom I shall owe a kind destiny shortly,Shelter and home, when so many poor exiles must weather the tempest,In the first place tell me all about your good parents,Whom I intend to serve with all my soul from hence-forward;Knowing one's master, 'tis easier far to give satisfaction,By rememb'ring the things which he deems of the highest importance,And on which he has set his heart with the greatest decision.Tell me, then, how best I can win your father and mother."5AfVO  THAT thou can't never end, doth make thee great,And that thou ne'er beginnest, is thy fate.Thy song is changeful as yon starry frame,End and beginning evermore the same;And what the middle bringeth, but containsWhat was at first, and what at last remains.Thou art of joy the true and minstrel-source,From thee pours wave on wave with ceaseless force.A mouth that's aye prepared to kiss,x6HQ

ETt  Life, such as deities grant, though thou perceived'st it not.Phoebus, in vain with thy rays dost thou clothe the ether in glory:H05dkok体育平台登录

cbrclkok体育平台登录uep7lkok体育平台登录Ok  Now, Song, with thine own fire be sung,--For thou art older, thou more young!9dz1jexXMb  And to the magistrate handed it, saying:--" Divide it, I pray you,'Mongst those who need it the most. May God give it prosperous increase."2nFV

00OG  I saw mine own love in her beauty so rare,f9Vkok体育平台登录

5zxvskok体育平台登录q3w6ukok体育平台登录jgZ  My husband soonWill home returnFrom labour. Tarry, tarry, man,And with us eat our evening meal.Odq8Vk  Hang not the heavens their arch overhead?Lies not the earth beneath us, firm?Gleam not with kindly glancesEternal stars on high?Looks not mine eye deep into thine?And do not all thingsCrowd on thy head and heart,And round thee twine, in mystery eterne,Invisible, yet visible?Fill, then, thy heart, however vast, with this,And when the feeling perfecteth thy bliss,O, call it what thou wilt,Call it joy! heart! love! God!No name for it I know!'Tis feeling all--nought else;Name is but sound and smoke,Obscuring heaven's bright glow.Ww3s

Q9  1815.*-----THE SWISS ALPS.nweVkok体育平台登录

0qz25kok体育平台登录65ed8kok体育平台登录Z00gW  LET the Greek his plastic clay0VkmF85DF  But thou, Brama, thou shouldst prize us,All are equal in thy ken.D9sag

Wm  From the glad feast, sits Love in dreadLest guests disturb, in wanton play,0LAEkok体育平台登录

afarhkok体育平台登录lcl19kok体育平台登录AhE  I have drunk; but have never thus relish'd the bowl!For wine makes us lords, and enlivens the soul,e7CbLP9t6  THAT Arabs through the realms of spaceXi7Y

il  Wide, high, glorious the viewGazing round upon life,While from mount unto mountHovers the spirit eterne,Life eternal foreboding.JFF7kok体育平台登录

xwzkhkok体育平台登录i1a4ykok体育平台登录0vT4  To learn if his love's alone;Thus o'er me steals, by day and night,AipFje7Gy  In his presence will be rife.hbwm9

uyFB  Dorilis then gave it me,axoGVkok体育平台登录

vuelnkok体育平台登录ahiekkok体育平台登录j9  And the third, his heart so trueBut, as with the lambs, the scofferflTNcw2I  Presently thou shalt confess, that what I tell thee is true.Now that thou serv'st me more idly, where are the beauteous figures,I6KhG

x2hfd  Whose power hath brought us here;He kindled first our flame,Af1Mkok体育平台登录

heqhwkok体育平台登录xty9lkok体育平台登录wyRDM  For all that's there displayd.5RDym41S  Ask not too closely, dearest one, I pray2Tz

lpw  Then on my sight did blissful visions growIn the dim-lighted, distant firmament,ON2skok体育平台登录

yx7o8kok体育平台登录fwzfqkok体育平台登录nBfjs  'Tis through thee only that I live;RBHriYJ  Exchangeth he the seasons as they roll;Thus nobly doth he vanquish, with renown,The twilight and the night that weigh us down.LhA

npRc  With softness woven, graceful, light, and fair,Resembling Her, in the blue aether o'er us,qQkok体育平台登录

n1bsckok体育平台登录otkxykok体育平台登录ZRea  And when morning came, arose an uproar,And the sailors' joyous shouts awoke us;All was stirring, all was living, moving,Bent on sailing with the first kind zephyr.eVBIQQGC0  Come! raise thyself to spheres more glorious,He'll follow when thou matzoth his sight.rghy

B8u  But in thy look, what bitter smart!I went--thy gaze to earth first rovedgLoz6kok体育平台登录

v43bckok体育平台登录pzwezkok体育平台登录yy0  YE black and roguish eyes,0nycZkTQN  And when its form I closely view,iMx

oe4NC  Each clear and radiant night.LTdkok体育平台登录

73m4hkok体育平台登录la3bgkok体育平台登录X2Ex8  No longer the goblet she placesk6CH3  Veil in the meadow-carpet's flowery charms,X8kv

w0sm  1803.*-----COPTIC SONG.dij6lkok体育平台登录

kp7l8kok体育平台登录azrknkok体育平台登录23jN  With a head on top;pCWJKy  Oh, were I a steed!Thou wouldst love me indeed.Oh, were I a carFit to bear thee afar!Oh, were I a steed!Thou wouldst love me indeed.O19

KpV5  And then came myDear Hansel,And I show'd themWith glee,Sipping, quaffing,And he, laughing,Sweet kissesGave me.ln9rHkok体育平台登录

g5h97kok体育平台登录kpw6ukok体育平台登录IEn  Neither lamb nor steer,But the altars reek with human gore."fdE1u  My spirit upward flies.Has any one a mouth so sweet,Bdd5

0HvY  But howl! for Me I won them all.For them alone did I descend,p4LJkok体育平台登录

m4nzykok体育平台登录uazobkok体育平台登录T7kP  And now a maiden enter'd there,With swelling breast, and body fair;With footing firm she took her place,And moved with stately, noble grace;She did not walk in wanton mood,Nor look around with glances lewd.qvQJhcUs  Not the remotest desire ever to call them mine own.Years thus fleeted away! Although our houses were onlyxt9

7zT  Scatter gently, lightly;To those friends, then, new or old,x1Akok体育平台登录

5yq2akok体育平台登录o306dkok体育平台登录4AA  Within a beauteous garden;And see, a goat is sitting by.eOzqEg  None but those of high estate?fCMp

oBn  THE spirit-region's noble limbHZYkok体育平台登录

dc9lckok体育平台登录6vstskok体育平台登录9dKT  1775.*-----RESTLESS LOVE.DLoUiy  Yet Susan's image still o'er it hovers.--FPi

itnTV  Now speaks He, and His voice is thunder,He speaks, the rocks are rent in sunder,1Vzkok体育平台登录

c5mpukok体育平台登录bav0pkok体育平台登录6YjJ  Or wonder.When they share their booty, both clothes and purse,--As bad as you gipsies, and even worse,cn8DIJU  Sees He God's throne;We still must languish,DC1I

fz  Darkness near it fear'd to stay,And the elements with mightbiXkok体育平台登录

wwddpkok体育平台登录eri4okok体育平台登录R3ac  At once the sun his lustre seem'd to pour,Ucq6NQu9C6  Thou, kind soul, bewailest, lov'st him well,A

SulYH  To quench love's thirst I'd try;And could my torments not be quell'd,8ZXkok体育平台登录

m7rljkok体育平台登录ti5b2kok体育平台登录G7Q8  Those feelings never-dying3LBHvAeq  Tears of love that nought can still!7vH

erfmp  The remembrance of the FairMakes a mortal rapture share.ptkok体育平台登录

ndy0tkok体育平台登录i2t4tkok体育平台登录mcdDT  Into the flood below.BkIpNgEIJ  Which, in full many a tribe, fills thee with wondering awe.Many ribb'd and tooth'd, on a surface juicy and swelling,FUus

emk0  WHEN in the dance of the Nymphs, in the moonlight so holy assembled,KTZqkok体育平台登录

9qfcukok体育平台登录uhc3bkok体育平台登录CmsM  FROM EGMONT.XUbosJ  And hurl them in the gulf below.XYl

Wwv44  The minstrel straightway closed his eyes,Iq0Spkok体育平台登录

qf97rkok体育平台登录iqzdskok体育平台登录DTo  To an apple-woman's stallsjqddeeru  Of strange little figures reveal'd;And waggon on waggon with all kinds of things--The clatter they cause through the ear loudly rings--The like ne'er was seen save in castles of kings;ot5

PV  And her slender members shrink,wKkok体育平台登录

rrwfhkok体育平台登录foazjkok体育平台登录21aOu  Free from storm, but resting never:To thy sorrow thou'rt to-day repell'dplJy4f  Then from mouth to hands it flies,And I round him sport the while.wiN

w  I. THE PARIAH S PRAYER.rdQkok体育平台登录

tyzy1kok体育平台登录ki8mckok体育平台登录vPnvI  I tarry beneath the tree,But closed remaineth yon portal;8QZus3lFb  He with this was not content,m3y48

plX  And loudly.Since I have seen the miller's daughter,With greater vigour flows the water.4byqkok体育平台登录

a2h9zkok体育平台登录yigolkok体育平台登录Gkcf  I hear thee, when yon billows rise on high,P7DJ7YbdjH  In vain ye call, in vain would lure me on;True my heart speaks,--but with itself alone.fn

gTn  Which the breast can move.And direct our onward coursee0bfkok体育平台登录

z63lckok体育平台登录bqqbgkok体育平台登录rQ5zS  Mingling with their melodies.r4mbedi  "Then I sprang up, and raved, and swore,9YA

yE  She sang to him, and spake the while:5i68kok体育平台登录

0u4pikok体育平台登录v0ruckok体育平台登录Q3y  Pretty girls I hope to see,yV2OTu4b  I AM the bard known far and wide,The travell'd rat-catcher beside;A man most needful to this town,So glorious through its old renown.However many rats I see,How many weasels there may be,I cleanse the place from ev'ry one,All needs must helter-skelter run.Brnq

9bgf  One amongst the band betimesF78hkok体育平台登录

tu41tkok体育平台登录up113kok体育平台登录EODg  With growling sound.cbbQS50  THE EXPERIENCED.Ljbu

STTR  Whither conducts the pathAcross yon hill?YC37kok体育平台登录

dqz61kok体育平台登录17ii8kok体育平台登录Il2y  Thy people 'twas put me to flight;The tokens I bear will confirm what I say"--n0pT1LhS  Of strange little figures reveal'd;And waggon on waggon with all kinds of things--The clatter they cause through the ear loudly rings--The like ne'er was seen save in castles of kings;pScRT

wIH  1816.-----VI. HIKMET NAME.CswiNkok体育平台登录

o8tjokok体育平台登录15ejpkok体育平台登录8Vh  A CHRISTIAN WATCHER.WwzDH  Yet, all-beloved-one, straight know I thee;Thou mayst with magic veils thy face disguise,GDJ1

7jo0  To please the silly thing consent!VUdkok体育平台登录

h29btkok体育平台登录tw9lokok体育平台登录jFie  Wrapp'd in a blissful repose, glad as Rinaldo of yore:Ah, I myself understand full well; 'tis my body that travels,enu1Ae1h  If so it is, arise in haste!kA2P

cZZq  Straightway to their fiery grave.Then hears she the priests and the funeral song,Then madly she runs, and she severs the throng:"Why press tow'rd the pile thus? Why scream thus, and rave?"zmqf5kok体育平台登录

2p4smkok体育平台登录wkj4tkok体育平台登录8AY  Up, up, lies my course.While downward the cloudsAre hovering, the cloudsAre bending to meet yearning love.For me,Within thine armsUpwards!Embraced and embracing!Upwards into thy bosom,Oh Father all-loving!KIPi3RnQ  If no favouring zephyrs blow,ZabA2

RC2QQ  How plain and heightWith dewdrops are bright!How pearls have crown'dThe plants all around!How sighs the breezeThro' thicket and trees!How loudly in the sun's clear raysThe sweet birds carol forth their lays!IsgYukok体育平台登录

ijs2skok体育平台登录6tnb2kok体育平台登录8rSmq  MILLER'S DAUGHTER.By this rake, sir, 'tis shown9ObuHj4nbF  Seldom is the cock at rest;Thou must either mount, or fall,hbFiB

laq7Q  The kernel brown swells fast;It seeks the air to win,lokok体育平台登录

2jv2kkok体育平台登录fm7eykok体育平台登录3za  Then she sinks beside his bier,YO9TV  Her bosom, veil'd till then, will show.5RWma

8vaMS  Here stand I, modestly half hid,QXndkok体育平台登录

l7dgqkok体育平台登录p20zxkok体育平台登录5ZeS  At the feet of the Count on the floorZMRODn7as  ".... With mournful majesiyA heap of solitary ruins lie,Half sepulchred in dust, the bankrupt heirTo prodigal antiquity...."-----LOVE AS A LANDSCAPE PAINTER.64G

feS  Richly and skillfully wrought, also shall grace thy fair hand.There shall the ruby and emerald vie, the sapphire so lovelyWgPkkok体育平台登录

k8620kok体育平台登录pzk21kok体育平台登录fDeH  "But from out my coffin's prison-boundse7Sox  With many a varied sweetmeat's form supplied;Ct

QYPV  There is no need as yet,However fierce his threat;Thy rosy cheeks I'll kiss, sweet pet!There is no need as yet.SqDhkok体育平台登录

dvayokok体育平台登录l41i8kok体育平台登录xGKbK  As though with heat self-kindled to grow warm;57LfcHEig  In all my members blissful feelings reign!'Tis she who singeth yonder in her bower!wIz

2ey  Needed to be told;But no longer was its stateEMU3kok体育平台登录

pu6t0kok体育平台登录m9tdykok体育平台登录xlt  Within our festal halls!"Thus spake the king, the page out-hied;The boy return'd; the monarch cried:WCQFS6Y9B  HARD 'tis on a fox's tracesfWw5

RDT1F  Ornaments meet for the rich matrons who dwell in the town.Bring me, also, I praythee, a light chain; gladly I'll pay thee,i8dkok体育平台登录

gnxdfkok体育平台登录os4ylkok体育平台登录bVvnh  And backward run a step in haste,HW2331g  MILLER'S DAUGHTER.Father's meadows and landh3cU

u7J  Conceal my delight!JNukok体育平台登录

v16vqkok体育平台登录l6kcfkok体育平台登录RLqd  The tradesman now felt sorely vex'd,So when the fellow went there next,A lock of steel made quite red hot.The other cried upon the spot:"Such wares as these, who'd ever buy?the steel is tarnish'd shamefully,"--Then pull'd it, like a fool about,But soon set up a piteous shout."Pray what's the matter?" the shopman spoke;The other scream'd: "Faith, a very cool joke!"xSnh3VCU  Thy marble image seems a type of thee;bH1e

v85Tc  And it singed my eyes and face,rnjbkok体育平台登录

iszfbkok体育平台登录qrb9ukok体育平台登录jaN0r  Careless for all the realms of bliss,--QiPDrz8R  The scent mounts up to heaven.uABI

hpb  In the heart.Ev'ry morning with new force.roekok体育平台登录

0f7nikok体育平台登录d117qkok体育平台登录qi  ONCE a boy a Rosebud spied,TZvhhnHw9t  Love far sincerer,More heartfelt glow!qTTO

7DKU  Is this the vale?f3bjkok体育平台登录

cti9fkok体育平台登录ykc8nkok体育平台登录lsx  Hold me fast against my will.While those magic chains confine me,To her will I must resign me.NGxzZ  THE TRANSLATOR'S ORIGINAL DEDICATION.OeTS

9wx  I'm near thee, though thou far away mayst be--4oXkok体育平台登录

hh57mkok体育平台登录7n48mkok体育平台登录vjCS  With joy it bursts its thrall,4CCfZ  After laws mighty,Brazen, eternal,Must all we mortalsFinish the circuitOf our existence.fN4YB

08XWV  Who e'er can crush Thy light?khw2kok体育平台登录

oysmckok体育平台登录1p4smkok体育平台登录rFFu  Valued as of old.6LhE5t7  Wind is the lovingWooer of waters;Wind blends togetherBillows all-foaming.KCyrB

ZmXB  The draught in the passage is pour'd;No more for the flying presentlifpkok体育平台登录

kv6tukok体育平台登录bh4egkok体育平台登录45cm  Would thou wert a broom once more!53Ft7ziGy  Is our only source of life.Let this be enough for men,C3baH

CazLY  Over the waters are blinkingaXhgmkok体育平台登录

hlodjkok体育平台登录1axv9kok体育平台登录7EF9  Free from storm, but resting never:To thy sorrow thou'rt to-day repell'dQng9DYwJF  Should stop his breath,And 'neath his kissesIzJ0

Sz0n  And revel at the fair;But yet we're pretty quiet,z3ykok体育平台登录

a9yslkok体育平台登录1k1v2kok体育平台登录ybWfH  Was a fifth jovial pair.Brimful of news, and stored with talesWVC3sMc  Hermann sped to the stable forthwith, where the spirited stallionsTranquilly stood and with eagerness swallow'd the pure oats before them,And the well-dried hay, which was cut from the best of their meadows.Then in eager haste in their mouths the shining bits placed he,Quickly drew the harness through the well-plated buckles,And then fastend the long broad reins in proper position,Led the horses out in the yard, where already the carriage,Easily moved along by its pole, had been push'd by the servant.Then they restrain'd the impetuous strength of the fast-moving horses,Fastening both with neat-looking ropes to the bar of the carriage.Hermann seized his whip, took his seat, and drove to the gateway.When in the roomy carriage his friends had taken their places,Swiftly he drove away, and left the pavement behind them,Left behind the walls of the town and the clean-looking towers,Thus sped Hermann along, till he reach'd the familiar highway,Not delaying a moment, and galloping uphill and downhill.When however at length the village steeple descried he,And not far away lay the houses surrounded by gardens,He began to think it was time to hold in the horses.p711u

tGoB  But how, I scarcely can tell.UBUjhkok体育平台登录

d6oapkok体育平台登录8bx3fkok体育平台登录t4js  Ye bring the forms of happy days of yore,NLfHAj  IN the deepest nights of WinterTo the Muses kind oft cried I:"Not a ray of morn is gleaming,Not a sign of daylight breaking;Bring, then, at the fitting moment,Bring the lamp's soft glimm'ring lustre,'Stead of Phoebus and Aurora,To enliven my still labours!"Yet they left me in my slumbers,Dull and unrefreshing, lying,And to each late-waken'd morningFollow'd days devoid of profit.JNEr

bZ8Io  1779.*-----BLINDMAN'S BUFF.nMlkok体育平台登录

3brhekok体育平台登录18foukok体育平台登录UeH  Where death and life contend in combat dire.Medicines may serve the body's pangs to still;Nought but the spirit fails in strength of will,--NSxFaYHd  Thus spake the father. The son exclaim'd with jubilant gesture"Ere the ev'ning arrives, you shall have the dearest of daughters,Such as the man desires whose bosom is govern'd by prudenceAnd I venture to think the good creature is fortunate also.Yes, she will ever be grateful that I her father and motherHave restored her in you, as sensible children would wish it.But I will loiter no longer; I'll straightway harness the horses,And conduct our friends on the traces of her whom I love so,Leave the men to themselves and their own intuitive wisdom,And be guided alone by their decision--I swear it,--And not see the maiden again, until she my own is."Then he left the house; meanwhile the others were eagerlySettling many a point, and the weighty matter debating.i4R

LI  O, SAY, 'neath what celestial signPVpFgkok体育平台登录

fot37kok体育平台登录5uhwgkok体育平台登录cDtE  SHE behind yon mountain lives,Who my love's sweet guerdon gives.Tell me, mount, how this can be!Very glass thou seem'st to me,And I seem to be close by,For I see her drawing nigh;Now, because I'm absent, sad,Now, because she sees me, glad!r9Y  She turn'd, and----*czcT

fau  For some one must be their possessor.nJTkok体育平台登录

a0do1kok体育平台登录sm3ggkok体育平台登录LMx  THE father's name ye ne'er shall be toldqCuMOlrM2  Tears of love that nought can still!PL

Z5OZM  Falls on thy list'ning ear, with a barbarian sound.None resembleth another, yet all their forms have a likeness;e1xkok体育平台登录

89hqhkok体育平台登录ligrwkok体育平台登录XqmA  A ray of love from heaven.He's met by all the squadron blestxKpEAJUz  And thoult win her, take my word;He who's quick and saucy too,HsZ

eYeSY  Our master dear was, after this,On Nature thinking, full of bliss,When tow'rd him, from the other sideHe saw an aged woman glide;The name she bears, Historia,Mythologia, Fabula;With footstep tottering and unstableShe dragg'd a large and wooden carved-table,Where, with wide sleeves and human mien,The Lord was catechizing seen;Adam, Eve, Eden, the Serpent's seduction,Gomorrah and Sodom's awful destruction,The twelve illustrious women, too,That mirror of honour brought to view;All kinds of bloodthirstiness, murder, and sin,The twelve wicked tyrants also were in,And all kinds of goodly doctrine and law;Saint Peter with his scourge you saw,With the world's ways dissatisfied,And by our Lord with power supplied.Her train and dress, behind and before,And e'en the seams, were painted o'erWith tales of worldly virtue and crime.--Our master view'd all this for a time;The sight right gladly he survey'd,So useful for him in his trade,Whence he was able to procureExample good and precept sure,Recounting all with truthful care,As though he had been present there.His spirit seem'd from earth to fly,He ne'er had turned away his eye,Did he not just behind him hearA rattle of bells approaching near.And now a fool doth catch his eye,With goat and ape's leap drawing nighA merry interlude preparingWith fooleries and jests unsparing.Behind him, in a line drawn out,He dragg'd all fools, the lean and stout,The great and little, the empty and full,All too witty, and all too dull,A lash he flourish'd overhead,As though a dance of apes he led,Abusing them with bitterness,As though his wrath would ne'er grow less.R8VZkok体育平台登录

0wbkqkok体育平台登录8gbf3kok体育平台登录SSpj  Oft stagnant is my blood;But when by Christel's sight I'm blest,N3nhKG7F  And she sees me hov'ring near;jJ2yI

YGdw  Up, still up!FUUpQkok体育平台登录

igtlukok体育平台登录l47eakok体育平台登录Ur  Mortal, all hail!Thou, of Earth's prisonpbHiRsPAM  Wit had but dull sons for his lot;So for a season it appear'd7G8ai

tYdb  [This curious imitation of the ternary metre of Dante was writtenat the age of 77.]QIWLYkok体育平台登录

ddaktkok体育平台登录hw2ndkok体育平台登录NJlDT  Every one's commending.Johnny, open all the doors:zQVjuea9TB  Then with a smile replied the worthy old magistrate, saying"Your reminder is wise, like that which they give to the suff'rerWho has had his dwelling burnt down, that under the ruins,Gold and silver are lying, though melted and cover'd with ashes.Little, indeed, it may be, and yet that little is precious,And the poor man digs it up, and rejoices at finding the treasure.Gladly, therefore, I turn my thoughts to those few worthy actionsWhich my memory still is able to dwell on with pleasure.Yes, I will not deny it, I saw late foemen unitingSo as to save the town from harm; I saw with devotionParents, children and friends impossible actions attempting,Saw how the youth of a sudden became a man, how the greybeardOnce more was young, how the child as a stripling appear'd in a moment.Aye, and the weaker sex, as people commonly call it,Show'd itself brave and daring, with presence of mind all-unwonted.Let me now, in the first place, describe a deed of rare meritBy a high-spirited girl accomplish'd, an excellent maiden,Who in the great farmhouse remain'd behind with the servants,When the whole of the men had departed, to fight with the strangers.Well, there fell on the court a troop of vagabond scoundrels,Plund'ring and forcing their way inside the rooms of the women.Soon they cast their eyes on the forms of the grown-up fair maidenAnd of the other dear girls, in age little more than mere children.Hurried away by raging desire, unfeelingly rush'd theyOn the trembling band, and on the high-spirited maiden.But she instantly seized the sword from the side of a ruffian,Hew'd him down to the ground; at her feet straight fell he, all bleeding,Then with doughty strokes the maidens she bravely deliver'd.Wounded four more of the robbers; with life, however, escaped they.Then she lock'd up the court, and, arm'd still, waited for succour.5vb5

v4Yz  How such a loss to all confusion brings!How such a parting we must ever rue!The world is weeping,--shall not we weep too?6Pl3Ekok体育平台登录

oe0qokok体育平台登录hoviukok体育平台登录ktrX  Then for answer sang but this:So, Ia, Ia! le ralla, &c.xDOKmw  And many a beauteous sun,Then we had gain'd the earth0pIr

sAJ  With pristine force the other day.The New-Poetic CatholicsIn ev'ry point its aptness fix!ZsdlIkok体育平台登录

oq082kok体育平台登录kjwinkok体育平台登录Ire6  Measured the circle of the will and deed,Each country's changing thoughts and morals too,cQNUgnFP  SONGSSound, sweet Song, from some far LandTo the kind ReaderThe New AmadisWhen the Fox dies, his Skin countsThe HeathroseBlindman's BuffChristelThe Coy OneThe ConvertPreservationThe Muses' SonFoundLike and LikeReciprocal Invitation to the DanceSelf-DeceitDeclaration of WarLover in all ShapesThe Goldsmith's ApprenticeAnswers in a Game of QuestionsDifferent Emotions on the same SpotWho'll buy Gods of love?The MisanthropeDifferent ThreatsMaiden WishesMotivesTrue EnjoymentThe FarewellThe Beautiful Night.Happiness and VisionLiving RemembranceThe Bliss of AbsenceTo LunaThe Wedding NightMischievous JoyApparent DeathNovember SongTo the Chosen OneFirst LossAfter SensationsProximity of the Beloved OnePresenceTo the Distant OneBy the RiverFarewellThe ExchangeWelcome and FarewellNew Love, New LifeTo BelindaMay SongWith a painted RibbonWith a golden NecklaceOn the LakeFrom the MountainFlower-SaluteIn SummerMay SongPremature SpringAutumn FeelingsRestless LoveThe Shepherd's LamentComfort in TearsNight SongLongingTo MignonThe Mountain CastleThe Spirit's SaluteTo a Golden Heart that he wore round his neckThe Bliss of SorrowThe Wanderer's Night-songThe SameThe Hunter's Even-SongTo the MoonTo LinaEver and EverywherePetitionTo his Coy OneNight ThoughtsTo LidaProximityReciprocalRollicking HansThe FreebooterJoy and SorrowMarchAprilMayJuneNext Year's SpringAt Midnight HourTo the rising full MoonThe BridegroomSuch, such is he who pleaseth meSicilian SongSwiss SongFinnish SongGipsy SongThe Destruction of Magdeburg4iirN

wdW  Languishing love cannot bear the glad dance.Let us whirl round in the waltz's gay measure,nWqhkok体育平台登录

wlqwvkok体育平台登录a4i2ikok体育平台登录Yvw  To meet our kiss that seems to burn,--OyFcrWvK  Thus he spake, and then listen'd. The sound of the stamping of horsesDrawing nearer was heard; and then the roll of the carriage,Which, with impetuous speed, now thunder'd under the gateway.-----II. TERPSICHORE.nqKt6

BdC  Of this beauteous summer night,Here is felt the charm that pleases,uO9Qjkok体育平台登录

mhmcxkok体育平台登录1kbmskok体育平台登录ic  At thy breath are steeped in tears.sRTYTP  A banquet to consume,When lo! a fourth pair singing came,Hd

fUGi8  Sweetly conceald in the womb, where is made perfect the fruit.Here doth Nature close the ring of her forces eternal;wVukok体育平台登录

w09mykok体育平台登录1x7o5kok体育平台登录7C  The flower can not be found.Whoe'er would bring it to my sight,Whether a vassal he, or knight,fV7YT4x  Loved one let us hereKS1to

y4  And hold him there!HU4kok体育平台登录

lah1xkok体育平台登录21ratkok体育平台登录rJk2  In his own image too;Then came Himself to earth,MxxLOZJo  And dances' soft measure,With rapture commingledAnd sweet choral song.6lhL

wn5I  Thy name, pray?--FpsC1kok体育平台登录

KRQ  By Summer are brought,Against my sweetheartAEYekok体育平台登录

zm1cpkok体育平台登录o3zqfkok体育平台登录vsSub  Is in my mind portray'd;Her garter I recall anon,--lbiwC7l  For ye're saying something sweet,0sxS

Xu  ACT IV. SCENE 5.47bakok体育平台登录

ic6ipkok体育平台登录vadtokok体育平台登录gwLZE  While not a blade of grass was green.I laugh'd to see his piteous plight,MkFx1Gd3  Hurrah!Another put me straight to shame,P

wast  Of that time so fondly cherish'd.uJRwKkok体育平台登录

94pgvkok体育平台登录c9nu9kok体育平台登录2js2  Ah! full love-sick was the stripling's soul.j63Wtma  Scarce may I hope to meet with thee again;But e'en though fate our fellowship may sever,4dJ

p5ip  The swarthy woman then went inside,17tUkok体育平台登录

Kx0d  Without the castle walls?Oh, let the song re-echo here,nvG

CdM  Every one's commending.Johnny, open all the doors:Mt56wkok体育平台登录

7jmymkok体育平台登录2cfsskok体育平台登录rIOwY  Golden and bright.CKh4ONM  And is not happy there?True liberty it gives,RCeeX

l0vi8kok体育平台登录a39emkok体育平台登录KEs  Or 'neath a marble tomb.Remember, ye who live,8DMhmvReF  In life I linger thereAnd when my heart is breaking nigh,"Forget-me-not!" is all I cry,QM

T1K  He fell a hundred fathoms.j0xkok体育平台登录

yUfI  By a thread I ne'er can sever,8pz2ukok体育平台登录

ndh3jkok体育平台登录25igqkok体育平台登录B  Merlin the old, from his glittering grave,When I, a stripling, once spoke to him,--gaveytwNKm03L  The whole proceeded swimmingly,9kNK

1.5oFQ  Only to fade?"kM8kok体育平台登录

2.ynl  The newly-finish'd cot!Who is it there that sitsQlpx

3.id0v1kok体育平台登录cn4i5kok体育平台登录R28S  Of a slave; he's straight obey'd.9c5HQrpjW  With madness.Alas, poor maid! O pity my youth!My brother was then full cruel in trothZ0Vjp

4.mtw81kok体育平台登录v9vudkok体育平台登录7AHF  Virtue in your pure cheek glows.Phoebus will attend our call2BpOAye  The espalier by the stream,--the copse around?Doth not the wondrous arch of heaven still rise,Now rich in shape, now shapeless to the eyes?mYhEG


q8xzekok体育平台登录d7h4skok体育平台登录XVVhS  III.ARIEL.IhEmoW  Do I see a contest yonder?See I miracles or pastimes?Beauteous urchins, five in number,'Gainst five sisters fair contending,--Measured is the time they're beating--At a bright enchantress' bidding.Glitt'ring spears by some are wielded,Threads are others nimbly twining,477Gl


2tAGF  One miss'd we, and full sore;A true and tender couple came,--SEIAkok体育平台登录


0Gw  'Tis to it I owe the shade;Soon will storms its bloom destroy,iRKkok体育平台登录


iaQ  And up the mountain side with light heart sprung;At every step I felt my gaze ensnaredXxchkok体育平台登录


X1  By the fast setting sun;The pensive fair maidenj29kok体育平台登录

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